English Breakfast

the classic traditional blend of sri lankan broken-leaf teas

Earl Grey

the earthy character of earl grey is beautifully balanced by the natural bergamot flavour

Green Jasmine

the blend produces a light-yellow infusion with a full-bodied jasmine taste.

Green Sencha

famous for its tanginess and fresh qualities


a beautiful and refreshing lemon-like taste and aroma

Forest Berry

this delightful infusion is great for iced tea

Lemongrass Ginger

packed full of zesty lemon and ginger flavours

Black Chai Tea

chai inspired by the traditional Indian masala

Orange Pekoe

a traditional large leaf black tea from sri lanka
Peppermint Tea Leaves & Tea Bags- Origin Tea


creating a deliciously light, minty, refreshing taste.
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Loose Leaf Sample Pack

try 20g of each of our eight best-selling teas