Tropical Kiss Iced Tea Syrup
Tropical soursop flavoured ice tea syrup to lift up and rejuvenate you any summer day
Mango Magic Iced Tea Syrup
The magic of mango paired with Ceylon green tea bringing you an awesome ice tea flavour.
Sneaky Peach Iced Tea Syrup
The perfect tasting Iced tea there is! Peach paired with a smooth Ceylon black tea base giving you one of the most classic ice tea blends.
Lemon Zest Iced Tea Syrup
Bold citrusy Iced Tea syrup to make bangin' good lemon iced teas and cocktails
Ice Tea Syrup Pump Dispenser
Pump dispenser for use with Origin Tea Iced Tea syrups
Origin Tea Iced Tea Syrup Sample Pack Tea Leaves & Tea Bags- Origin Tea
Origin Tea Iced Tea Syrup Sample Pack
A full size sample pack of all Iced Tea Flavours and 4 pumps to get your iced tea game going!
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