Sticky Chai Tea - 10KG Carton

Sticky Chai Tea - 10KG Carton

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  • Sticky Chai Tea - 10KG Carton Tea Leaves & Tea Bags- Origin Tea
  • Sticky Chai Tea - 10KG Carton Tea Leaves & Tea Bags- Origin Tea

Sticky Chai Tea - 10KG Carton

Our special Handcrafted Sticky Chai blend is one of our most popular, based largely on its unique taste crafted with special combination of ingredients which include a calming mix of spices, goji berry, coconut and black tea from Sri Lanka.

Best served as follows:

1. Add 20g/3tbsp of Handcrafted 'Wet' Chai blend to a jug
2. Add exactly 50ml hot water to the blend and steep for 30 seconds
3. Texture 150ml of milk (soy recommended) to 68 degrees Celsius, then pour into the steeping chai blend
4. Briefly stir the jug, then strain the chai into a glass
5. Enjoy the unique experience!


This Master Carton contains:

10 x 1Kg Sticky Chai Bag




Our Origin

We source all of our tea from the one location giving full traceability, consistency and the mindset of quality without compromise.

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Charity Work

Giving back to the community

Here at Origin Tea, we believe in social change - a culture of giving as we grow. It is because of this that we have decided to develop T4Change. A program that ensures that those working to bring you the finest of teas are well and truly looked after by us.

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