Mini Cafe Starter - Luxury Pyramid Kit

Mini Cafe Starter - Luxury Pyramid Kit

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Cafe Starter Kits

Mini Cafe Starter - Luxury Pyramid Kit

Looking for convenience? Then our gourmet pyramid cafe starter pack range is definitely for you. Our luxury pyramid pouches are a silk net of purity bringing you the ultimate infusion when it comes to the perfect cup of tea. This is your best bet - without taking anything away from the full-flavoured exotic taste of OriginYrs 

Origin Tea 8 Best Sellers: 
100 Luxury Silk Pyramid English Breakfast 
100 Luxury Silk Pyramid Earl Grey 
100 Luxury Silk Pyramid Green Tea Sencha 
100 Luxury Silk Pyramid Peppermint 

4 x Display Tins




Our Origin

We source all of our tea from the one location giving full traceability, consistency and the mindset of quality without compromise.

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Charity Work

Giving back to the community

Here at Origin Tea, we believe in social change - a culture of giving as we grow. It is because of this that we have decided to develop T4Change. A program that ensures that those working to bring you the finest of teas are well and truly looked after by us.

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