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Single Origin

So, single origin (why so special?)

So you must be wondering why we are so obsessed with the whole single origin thing. Well here’s the thing…while many tea companies source from a wide variety of countries & plantations, mixing and blending to create a tea for you based largely on price or traded as a commodity, we have the distinct advantage of having our own tea estates that allow us to source all of our tea from the one location giving full traceability, consistency and the mindset of quality without compromise.

Think of it this way, would you rather a bottle of wine that was put together from lots of different types of grapes from lots of different regions, blended down to make the cheapest possible option that passes for an average taste? No, neither would we. Which is why we think it is so important that for every tea, you receive the true tea experience, which we believe is from Ceylon. The Origin. Our Origin.