Rothschild Estate

Rothschild Estate is said to have manufactured the first tea in Ceylon in 1841, though not on an industrial scale.  In 1841, one of the well-established Worms brothers, Maurice went on a voyage to China and brought back a number of cuttings. They were China Jat and were duly planted out on Rothschild. Today these hybrids complement the growing conditions in the mountains of central Sri Lanka which bring about Rothschild’s unique Ceylon characteristics. Now Rothschild tea is synonymous for its fine flavour, which is continued through traditions of generations gone by.

Country of Origin: Sri Lanka   Population: 3664
Superintendent: Sajeewa Vithanage   Workers: 699
Region: Kandy   Processing: CTC
Elevation: 3135ft – 4150ft   Famous Grade: BP1, PF1
Hectares: 516 of land    

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