Mooloya Estate

The Mooloya Estate started in 1885 and has since been manufacturing some of the most unique teas in the world. The growing conditions of the region are known to be windy and misty, creating stress to the plants that generates certain rare qualities in the tea, including the flavour, aroma and strength, all while maintaining the general leafy appearance of other regions. There are very few factories in the high grown region able to produce leafy grade teas that create prominent liquors such as OP, FBOPs, FF grades of high standards; just one of the factors that makes our Mooloya Estate special. 

Country of Origin: Sri Lanka   Population: 3400
Superintendent: Subhash Abeywickrama   Workers: 615
Region: Uda Pussellawa   Processing: Orthodox
Elevation: 4200ft – 5900ft   Famous Grade: FBOP
Hectares: 560 of land      

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