AARKE Carbonator III


Mesh Tea Strainer

Extra Fine sieve, easy to clean & made to last forever

Mesh Tea Ball

very effective at assisting in quick preparation of your favourite tea

Display Tin

fill this tin with your favourite teas to keep it as fresh as they come

Handy Brew

Simply add your Origin Tea leaves into the chamber and let gravity pour your perfect cup.

Cafe Tea Pot

can be used to brew both bagged teas and loose-leaf tea to perfection

Cast Iron Tea Pot (300mL)

inspire warmth and relaxation with this Japanese style cast iron tea pot

Matte Grey Mug

Smooth grey matt finish with a easy 'grab and go' handle

Chai Brewing Pot

The perfect pot that can be used to brew the perfect sticky chai

Cocktail Jigger

A handy measuring tool to measure syrups, alcohol, etc.

Ripple Black Mug

Smooth black matt finish with a easy 'grab and go' handle