Sweet, spicy and creamy: Chai is a complex blend of exotic flavours that can be tailored to appease almost any drinker. Learn how to master the art of brewing the perfect Chai no matter what your dietary or time restrictions, from a calming authentic experience to a fast and flavourful cup.

The Origins of Chai

Chai has been influenced and reinvented many times throughout history by many different cultures and customs, and the tale of its origins is also a globalised one. In the western world, the words ’Chai Tea’ are used to describe the spiced milk tea from India. The term ’Chai' is derived from the Chinese term ‘Cha’ and is Hindustani (languages spoken in northwestern India) for tea. This means that the modern term that we’re familiar with is somewhat redundant because it translates to 'tea tea'. The correct term for the spiced tea drink that we commonly refer to is ’Masala Chai' which translates to mixed-spice tea.


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